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We finally launched a new Blogger Mobile Preset Bundle Pack. This pack included all most favorited Mobile Lightroom Presets. You can edit with style and consistency for a cohesive feed.

This bundle included our Wonderland Tezza Inspired Presets, our Lush Jaci Marie Inspired Presets, our Minimal Blogger Presets, Film Blogger Presets, Vibrant Blogger Presets and more. Making this pack perfect for any Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger who prefers to edit from their iPhone or Android device.

These are compatible on both the free and paid versions of Adobe Lightroom Mobile. You can view the whole product description with before and afters within our SHOP

Edited with our Mobile Blogger Bundle:


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Film has always been has always had a special place in my heart. I learned photography with a Nikon Film Camera and today have a growing collection of film cameras. I am always trying to achieve a film look even in my iPhone Photography.

I created a Vintage Film Lightroom Mobile Preset to help me create a Vintage, aged, almost washed out look in some of my more artistic Mobile images. I am super happy with this preset!

You can view the entire product description with our SHOP 

Edited with our Vintage Film Mobile Preset:


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Summer is officially here and I couldn't be any happier!!! We have so many fun travel plans this summer! We are heading to California, Montana, and then back to Idaho. I wanted to create some Warm Summer Love Film inspired Mobile Presets to help me edit on our adventures this summer.

Our Summer Love Pack is reminiscent of a warm summer day. These Mobile Presets pull in so much vibrancy and warmth with a mild film grain. Just perfect for warm summer day adventures.

You can view the entire product within our SHOP

Edited with our Summer Love Mobile Presets:


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I am in love with warm/orange themed Instagram Feeds. I created our Orange Theme Lightroom Mobile Presets to create a rich, warm, vibrant orange theme for mobile image editing in Lightroom Mobile.

This pack comes with three different presets with variations of warmth and tones. Perfect for summer adventures, travel bloggers, fashion bloggers and sunlit selfies. This preset pack will help you product a consistent instagram feed.

You can view the entire product listing with in our SHOP

Edited with our Orange Theme Mobile Blogger Presets:




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Wanderlust Traveler Mobile Lightroom Preset is now available for phone photographers!! This preset is amazing for iPhone Photography. 

Wanderlust comes in three variations and creates a beautiful warm film inspired look to your images. With one click in Lightroom Mobile you can create a stylish warm aesthetic to your mobile images.

You can view our Wanderlust Product within our SHOP

Edited With our WAnderlust Mobile Preset:


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We are very excited to announce we have moved over to using Lightroom Mobile and Designing Mobile Lightroom Presets. I was skeptical about using Lightroom Mobile because I love Lightroom on my Mac so much I didn't think it would compare.

I was so surprised at the simplicity within the Lightroom Mobile App. It so user friendly and an amazing tool for Bloggers or Instagrammers.

I have always loved Mobile Photography for the accessibility and ease of editing. I shoot with the iPhoneX and love the image quality the iPhone delivers. When you combine that with well designed Mobile Presets you might not be picking up your DSLR as often.

I currently only have a few Mobile Presets up, but plan to be adding at least 10 more this week. You can view all our Mobile Presets within our SHOP 


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New to our shop are Instant Film Lightroom Presets & ACR Presets. These presets will closely emulate Instant Film in Lightroom & Photoshop.

With on click you will achieve glossy, bright whites, faded blacks, cool tones, and an overall vintage Instant Film Look. The presets were created off of my experience with Fuji 100c Instant Film, Instax Instant Film, and Polaroid Instant Film.

You will receive a wide variety of Presets to choose from, suitable for all lighting conditions. You can view the entire Instant Film Listing within our SHOP

Watch the Instant Film Overview:


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Do you love Fuji 100c Instant film? Instax Instant Film? Vintage Polaroid? I have created a new pack of Mobile Lightroom Presets that are inspired by Instant Film.

I love shooting on our Polaroid Land Camera but the film has sky rocked in price to $35-$50 a pack for 10 exposures. Since the price was getting so high I though I would create a pack of presets for mobile editing that gives a similar look to Fuji Instant Film.

You can view the full product description with our SHOP

Edited with our Instant Film Mobile Presets:


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My favorite most used preset pack to date has been launched on our website. Our Wonderland Lightroom & ACR Presets are full of color, vintage inspired, and give dull images so much luster.

Our Wonderland Lightroom Presets were inspired by Instagram bloggers. They will give your images so much brightness, vibrancy, clarity, and luminance. Bringing to much attention to your subject. These presets were made with skin tones in mind to maintain beautiful portraits.

Wonderland Presets are available within our SHOP

Edited with our Wonderland Pack:


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I am so happy to be able to share one of my latest creations for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR. We have had a Polaroid Land Camera for about 5 years and have been using Fuji 100 C Film with our camera. I have always been fascinated with instant film and collecting cameras since I started photography.

My favorite Fuji 100 C Film has just sky rocked to in Price to almost $50 per pack of 10 exposures so I haven't been shooting with it as much. I wanted to recreate the look of 100 C and Instax film in Lightroom/Photoshop so I could achieve a similar look with my DSLR images.

I am very happy with the outcome and these have been in the works for months. You can view the full description with before and afters in our SHOP

Edited with our Instant Film Pack:


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I created our Wonderland Pack to create beautiful warm vibrant film like colorful images from our travel photography & for my personal family images. I especially love using these to edit fashion/blogger images.

These Presets/ACRs will give you creamy dreamy skin tones and vibrant colorful backgrounds with beautiful film grain like you are a colorful wonderland.

The film grain is removable/adjustable with the included adjustment presets. You can view the images below editing with our Wonderland Presets and view the before/afters in our SHOP

Edited with our Wonderland Pack:


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For all you vintage film lovers I have bundled together our Vintage Film Presets/ACRs, Photoshop Actions & Vintage Film Dust & Grain Overlays.

This will give you an editing arsenal for all your photography projects. This is my latest go to pack for editing for my Instagram and personal blog. I love the look these presets/actions & overlay combination gives my images.

You can view the full product description in our SHOP

Edited with our Vintage Film Bundle:


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If you love the vintage film look of desaturated hues and amazing fades this pack for Photoshop is going to make you so happy! I created 25 Photoshop Actions.

I recreated some of my favorite vintage film effects to add to my digital photography. This pack has a wide variety of tones and fades. These work amazing on blog imagery, instagram images, fashion, portraits, and flat lay images. You can view the full product within our SHOP

Edited with our Vintage Film Actions:


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I have always had a love for film photography. Film photography can get pretty expensive, especially for medium format and our Polaroid Land Camera. I love recreating the same look I get with my vintage cameras in Lightroom & Photoshop.

Our Vintage Film Presets & ACRs create an amazing vintage film like edit with one click. These are easily adjustable and suitable for most situations. You can view the entire product within our SHOP

Color Pop Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR

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Are your images lacking color, depth or vibrancy. I created our Color Pop Pack Lightroom Presets & Photoshop ACR Presets to help when editing dull images.

These preset are defiantly a dull image fix! They add mild brightening to all the tones in your images, soften shadows and highlights, help correct color toning, soften hot spots, add mild sharpening and soften skin.

You can view the full product with our SHOP

Edited with our Color Pop Presets:

Brighter More Vibrant Images in Lightroom & ACR

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New to the shop our Brighter Tones Pack for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR will brighten your images and add vibrancy and luminance to your images.

For bright skin tones, soft colors, beautiful vibrancy, and an overall clean look. I created our Brighter Tones Pack because I always shoot slightly underexposed to maintain sharpness and to also add a mild film grain like grit to my images when I brighten them back up. This pack will work great on underexposed and properly exposed images.

You can view the full product within our SHOP

Edited with our Brighter Tones Pack:

Black & White Soft Film Presets for Lightroom & ACR

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I am so excited to this product for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR has finally launched on our shop!! Our Black & White Film Pack will give you a variety of beautiful black and white film inspired Presets & ACRs to editing with.

These presets are perfect for weddings & portraits. They give creamy skin tones, soft tones and adjustable film grain. Seriously my favorite black & white presets!!

You can view the full product on our SHOP

Edited with our Black & White Pack: