Shi Shi Beach + Adventure//Pack

Sara LouComment

On Tuesday we traveled to the tip of the Washington Peninsula to visit two very beautiful places Shi Shi Beach and Cape Flattery. We had a bit of a drive from where we are in Bainbridge, WA to get there. The hike to Shi Shi Beach was 8 miles in total (there and back). We Timed it at a time when the tide would be low so we would have the best opportunity to capture images. 

We always travel with at least one DSLR and one Drone. This trip we had both DSLRs and both Drones. Fredo Mark and I love being able to capture the view from above, not only for documenting but to actually see what the areas look like from above.

The hike starts out through a beautiful moss covered forest for the first 1.5 miles. We ran into some serious mud along the trail but we were still able to get through. The rest of the hike is on the sandy beach. Oddly the hike through the sand was much harder on my legs then through the forest and mud.

We had amazing time hiking and photographing this beautiful area in Washington. I edited these images with Presets from our Adventure//Lifestyle Pack available for sale within our SHOP. This is my favorite pack to use when editing our travel/landscape photography. 

Shi Shi Beach + Adventure//Pack: