Our Small Dog’s Epilepsy Battle Update

Sara LouComment

Prudence is going to be seven years old this October. I have had her since she was born. She is just under 4 pounds and has had epilepsy since she was one. 

At first her seizures would only come a few times a year and last only 15-30 seconds. Throughout the years her condition worsened to having them a few times a week and lasting for up to 45 minutes. We were not happy with our Vets way of responding to this so we switched vets. This was the best thing we ever did!

Prudence's new vet increased her medication, Phenobarbital to almost double what her other Vet was recommending. This was done with blood testing to check her current levels to advise us where she is and where she needs to be.

After a three months on her new dosage, changing her diet to a salmon based food free from any chicken, and walking her at least an hour a day she has never had so much energy and she hasn’t had a seizure in three months. Her back legs were weakening from all her seizures, and I am happy to say she is no longer suffering from back leg issues and can walk a full 45 minutes at time.

This is a huge turnaround in just three months. Her quality of life, energy level, and all around mood has changed so much. This was all possible with seeking out the right medical care, and doing lots of research ourselves.

If you have a pet suffering from Epilepsy I know it can be so hard but there is hope!