Driving All Day

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With all the traveling we do sometimes we have to drive for 8-12 hours to reach our next destination. We most recently drove from Yellowstone, WY to Boise, ID. This was an 12 hour drive for us. We also made a few stops along the way.

We first stopped at Craters of The Moon. We both have been fascinated by the volcanic landscape. After a few hours exploring around we were back on the Road to ShoShone Falls. We explored around the park and gazed out from the viewpoints. 

Although our detour took us an extra two hours it was definitely worth the extra travel time. Below are some of the images we captured from our drive and our stops.

Craters of the Moon & Shoshone Falls Edited with our Adventure Pack available within our SHOP

Our First Day // Yellowstone National Park

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Yesterday was our first day at Yellowstone National Park. We traveled from Oregon and along the way stopped and camped at Mount St. Helens and Glacier National Park. It was an amazing 6 day camping and traveling adventure.

We just scraped the surface of the park yesterday. Mammoth Hot Springs was an amazing site. The colors and textures are a photographers dream. Although we are traveling at the busiest time of the year the park wasn't too busy. We walked along the board walk through all the hot spring sites and adventured further into the park.

Unfortunately there was an incident with Buffalo being stuck by cars on the road to Old Faithful so we called it an early day and are going to be heading back out to view the Geysers and Prismatic Springs. The reset of our 6 days here we will be checking out all the amazing hiking trails.

From our first day at Yellowstone:

Beach Camping // The Oregon Coast

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After we left the Olympic Park Area we headed to the Waldport/Florence/Yachats area. We found a beautiful little spot on the beach at South Jetty to set up our camp. All of our animals were welcome there. Some locations on the Oregon Coast don't allow you to camp or even walk the beach with your animals.

We had an amazing view of the ocean and slept so peacefully hearing the waves. If you are traveling to or through Oregon and looking for a camping place on the beach with pets I highly recommend this area.

Images from our camping adventure:



Shi Shi Beach + Adventure//Pack

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On Tuesday we traveled to the tip of the Washington Peninsula to visit two very beautiful places Shi Shi Beach and Cape Flattery. We had a bit of a drive from where we are in Bainbridge, WA to get there. The hike to Shi Shi Beach was 8 miles in total (there and back). We Timed it at a time when the tide would be low so we would have the best opportunity to capture images. 

We always travel with at least one DSLR and one Drone. This trip we had both DSLRs and both Drones. Fredo Mark and I love being able to capture the view from above, not only for documenting but to actually see what the areas look like from above.

The hike starts out through a beautiful moss covered forest for the first 1.5 miles. We ran into some serious mud along the trail but we were still able to get through. The rest of the hike is on the sandy beach. Oddly the hike through the sand was much harder on my legs then through the forest and mud.

We had amazing time hiking and photographing this beautiful area in Washington. I edited these images with Presets from our Adventure//Lifestyle Pack available for sale within our SHOP. This is my favorite pack to use when editing our travel/landscape photography. 

Shi Shi Beach + Adventure//Pack:

Portrait Bundle Pack

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I am happy to announce our Professional Portrait Bundle Pack is now up on the shop. I have been posting lost of portraits edited with our newest edition to the SHOP.

This pack will help you retouch and streamline your portrait photo editing workflow. These can be used on Newborns to smooth skin, boudoir to smooth and contour the face and body, wedding portraits to brighten & correct, as well as family/child portraits.

Included are Presets for Lightroom, Retouching Brushes for Lightroom, and Retouching/Correcting Actions for Photoshop. You can find this along with other helpful tools on our SHOP.

Edited with our Portrait Bundle Pack:

Our Small Dog’s Epilepsy Battle Update

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Prudence is going to be seven years old this October. I have had her since she was born. She is just under 4 pounds and has had epilepsy since she was one. 

At first her seizures would only come a few times a year and last only 15-30 seconds. Throughout the years her condition worsened to having them a few times a week and lasting for up to 45 minutes. We were not happy with our Vets way of responding to this so we switched vets. This was the best thing we ever did!

Prudence's new vet increased her medication, Phenobarbital to almost double what her other Vet was recommending. This was done with blood testing to check her current levels to advise us where she is and where she needs to be.

After a three months on her new dosage, changing her diet to a salmon based food free from any chicken, and walking her at least an hour a day she has never had so much energy and she hasn’t had a seizure in three months. Her back legs were weakening from all her seizures, and I am happy to say she is no longer suffering from back leg issues and can walk a full 45 minutes at time.

This is a huge turnaround in just three months. Her quality of life, energy level, and all around mood has changed so much. This was all possible with seeking out the right medical care, and doing lots of research ourselves.

If you have a pet suffering from Epilepsy I know it can be so hard but there is hope!

Adventure/Lifestyle Presets Pack

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Adventure/Lifestyle Presets

I find myself using our Adventure/Lifestyle Pack to edit our photos for Instagram/Stock Photography the most out of any of our collections. This pack has a verity of tones, fades, and variations that closely resemble film toning.

I am usually pulled to the darker side of things in my own photography and tend to edit/shoot a bit more moody. I always stop down so when I am editing I can bump up my exposure if needed to achieve my desired look.

My favorites within this pack are the Deep Moods and Fine Art Presets. You can find this Pack Available within my SHOP

Recent travel Photos edited with our Adventure/Lifestyle Presets:

Bainbridge Island Our First Official Stop

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Our first stop on our trip was Bainbridge Island. We are staying in a loft on the island for two weeks. We are six days into this Bainbridge adventure and are discovering new things everyday about this gorgeous Island. 

The entire Island is so plush and green. You feel like you are right in the Red Woods with all the ferns, moss, and giant trees. Every morning we take our dogs on a walk through The Gand Forest, which is five minutes from the loft.

Downtown has a variety of coffee shops and restaurants with amazing food. The views are unbeatable. You get a full view of Seattle, the ocean, and the vast mountains.

We are already talking about heading back this way in October to capture Olympic in Fall.

Images of the Bainbridge area edited with our Adventure/Lifestyle Pack:

Olympic Nation Park Beaches & Our Fine Art Pack

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I’m so excited we finally made it to the beach areas of Olympic National Park! This is what I have been waiting for since we planned our this trip to Olympic. 

Many of the beach trails do not allow you to bring your pets. This for two reasons. 1. To keep the wildlife in the area safe and protected. 2. To keep your pets safe and protected. Our pets were at the loft during this trip.

It’s hard to capture the sheer beauty of this place in images. I hope I did it justice. I edited all our photos from this trip with our Fine Art Pack available on it's own and in our Adventure/Lifestyle Pack on our SHOP

Edited with our Fine Art Pack:


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We are officially now off on our year long road trip. We are in Bainbridge, WA close to Seattle. We have been on our trip for five days and loving every moment. Our three animals are doing great as well. We were pretty unsure of how they would take not having a consistent home, but so far so good. They have morning and evening walks through the forrest, and they couldn't be happier.

We have been photographing and adventuring all day M-F. After our adventures we upload and process our photos for our social media as well as for our stock photography. On the weekends we work on our websites, our products, and more editing. We put in even more work than when we were in Moscow. I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone but we love adventure and want to travel the US together at time when it's possible for us.

Images from our past 5 days on our adventure with our pups:

Moody Wedding Editing In Photoshop & Lightroom

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We recently launched our Moody Toned Wedding Kit for Professional Results in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and have such a positive response from our customers! We love that! Making your editing/workflow faster is our main goal.

Our Moody Toned Wedding Kit helps if your wedding work lacking depth, luster, or mood. Our Moody Toned Wedding Kit is exactly what you need if you crave mood evoking wedding photography. This handpicked collection of our best mood evoking presets comes packed with a variety of tones for all situations of photography. This Kit will help you produce deep rich toning, velvety blacks, moody undertones, crushed highlights, and moody film inspired toning.

This pack is available on our SHOP for Lightroom or Photoshop. Processed with our Moody Pack:

Elk Creek Falls, ID Fine Art Presets Edit

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Below are some photos of one our recent trips to Elk Creek Falls, ID. Processed with our Fine Art Indie Presets Available on our SHOP

Photoshop Actions Portrait Editing

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We offer a wide range of Photoshop and Lightroom Retouching Presets and Actions. They offer a soft subtle retouching effect to your images. You can change the opacity of the actions to make them even softer or play the action again for a more dramatic edit.

These are a staple for Portrait/Wedding Photographer workflow. Not all clients will want their portraits enhanced but you will get a handful of clients that want minor editing done to their skin. Our products offer just that. They won't make your clients look like different people but will take care of the minor skin issues your clients might have.

Here are some Before/Afters with our Products. You can view our products on our SHOP

Adventure/ Lifestyle Presets & A Tripod

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As Photographers we rarely get our photographs taken, except the quick shot taken by each other. That leaves us with very little pictures of us together.

We are trying to get better about having a face for people to recognize amongst all our beautiful photos on Social Media. It's so important to let people know who you are and give your company a face, as well as have photos to look back on yourself.

We headed up to the beautiful Nez Perce-Clearwater Forest with our Tripod and intervalometer.  I positioned Fredo, Focused my lens (50mm fixed), set my intervalometer and ran out to position myself. I was pretty happy with the outcome of the images and processed them with our Adventure/ Lifestyle Pack of Presets available on our SHOP

Fine Art Lightroom Presets & Bald Mountain

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Fredo and I recently took a day trip up to a beautiful spot here in Idaho. He had previously backpacked up there and knew the area. We headed up to Bald Mountain Lookout with our DSLR in hand.

The view of the valley and the vast tree covered hills was just so beautiful at sunset. While hiking back up the trails we had something following us. A small maybe 2 year old black bear was trailing us. We always have our Bear Mace in hand, but only use it if we have to. I snapped a quick couple of photos and let him on his way as we went on ours. We knew mother could be close and we try not to disturb wildlife too much.

We had an amazing hike, beautiful views, and an encounter with wildlife. If you have the chance to head up to Bald Mountain Lookout it's definitely worth the hike (18 miles total). 

Once we got home I processed the images from our day with our Fine Art Indie Pack of Presets available on our SHOP

Drone Photography Edited with our Adventure Lightroom Presets

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We had a blast taking our new tandem kayak out for our second run. We headed with our Drone in hand. We just upgraded from the Mavic to the Phantom 4 Pro for image quality.

The clarity was much better at higher distances and we are very happy with the raw output.  Here are a handful of images from our day edited with our Adventure/Lifestyle Pack for Lightroom you can find here on our SHOP

Processed with our Adventure/Lifestyle Pack:

A Day in Moscow + Nikon + Moody Presets

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June 16, 2017 A day in Moscow ID in Photos.

All Editing with our new Adventure/ Lifestyle Pack Presets available on our SHOP:

Photoshop Actions & Presets for Bloggers

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We have launched out Blogger Edition Photoshop Actions and ACR Filters about two week ago and they have been loved across the market! We are beyond happy to help fellow bloggers create beautiful imagery to display their brand/blog material.

Here is our Presentation of our Product you can purchase on our SHOP

Bright & Airy Wedding Lightroom Presets Kit

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Bright & Airy Toned Wedding Kit for Professional Results in Adobe Lightroom

Is your wedding work lacking brightness, clarity, and softness? Out Bright & Airy Toned Wedding Kit is exactly what you need if you crave bright, soft, airy wedding photography. This handpicked collection of our best brightening & softening presets comes packed with a variety of tones for all situations of photography. This Kit will help you produce soft, clean, airy undertones, crushed highlights, and muted film inspired toning.

I am a full time photographer, designer, artist, dog mom and wife. I created this Bright & Airy Wedding Kit in time for Wedding Season to help speed up your workflow and create consistency within your edits. This Kit is available within our SHOP

Processed with our Bright & Airy Kit:

Moody Wedding Lightroom Presets Kit

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Is your wedding work lacking depth, luster, or mood? Out Moody Toned Wedding Kit is exactly what you need if you crave mood evoking wedding photography. This handpicked collection of our best mood evoking presets comes packed with a variety of tones for all situations of photography. This Kit will help you produce deep rich toning, velvety blacks, moody undertones, crushed highlights, and moody film inspired toning.

I am a full time photographer, designer, artist, dog mom and wife. I created this Moody Wedding Kit in time for Wedding Season to help speed up your workflow and create consistency within your edits. Available on our SHOP

Processed with out Moody Wedding Kit: