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I'm so excited we just launched a new product of our shop today! I've been working super hard for the last three months to design some super versatile presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR. We will be launching about 18 new packs in the next month.

We have been super busy between travels, photography, and editing the past 6 months. I wanted to create new presets that reflect our current editing style. Our New Bright Pastel Pack will give your images a Pastel color profile and brighten & soften your images.

These can be used in Lightroom & Photoshop. You can view the full description on our SHOP

Edited with our Bright Pastel Pack:

Vintage Film Texture // Dust & Scratches

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After seeing so many beautiful posts on Instagram with a Vintage Film look I decided to create a similar look for use in Photoshop. I'm sure there is an app everyone is using on their phone to create this look but our Overlays will help you create this look in High Resolution.

These 45 Film Texture Overlays have film grain, dust, speckles, scratches, folds, and various other vintage film like textures. You can view the full product description with our SHOP

Images Processed with our Vintage Film Texture Overlays:

Real Estate Photography Photoshop Actions

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I am very excited to launch my latest Real Estate Photography Editing Product on our SHOP. I created Real Estate Photoshop Actions and Sky Swap Overlays. I compiled this bundle of Actions and Overlays from my personal editing for my Realtor Clientele.

You will be able to correct, create an HDR look for interior and exterior shots, and swap out a drab sky for a vibrant sunset.

Edited with our Real Estate Actions:

How To Get Bright & Airy Images

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If you are trying to achieve a Bright & Airy look in your photographer you will want to start with the location and time of day. You will want to choose a bright location that is lit from behind or has a bright background color. In camera you will want to properly exposure your images or even slightly over expose your images. Make sure you are shooting in RAW.

Once you have imported your image to Lightroom are or working not hem in Photoshop Camera Raw you will want to adjust your white balance and exposure according to your lighting and location.

Once you have adjusted those you can apply your Preset/ACR/Action. We have a variety of Bright & Airy Products to help you achieve this look when editing. You can view my favorite, our Bright & Airy Wedding Pack within our SHOP. This pack isn’t just for weddings you can use this on all forms of portraiture.

Edited with our Bright & Airy Pack:

Jude // Laguna Beach // Bright Pack

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I met up with Jude in Laguna Beach. I chose an all white hotel as our location. This hotel was located right along the beach, with beach access. We utilized the entire space and then moved to the beach. 

I edited this session with our Bright Pack. You can view this pack within our SHOP

Edited with our Bright Pack:

Kelsey // San Diego // Bright Pack & Film Pack

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Kelsey and I met up in San Diego for another portrait session. We walked around North Park shooting in harsh sunlight in various locations. Once sunset hit we drove to a local Carnival for some darker portraits.

I edited the images from Kelseys shoot with our Bright &Film & Neon Pack & Our Retouching Actions. I used a variety of packs because we were at a variety of locations. You can view all the products used on this shoot in our SHOP

Edited with our Film/Neon/Retouching Packs:

Alanna // San Diego Bright Pack

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Alanna and I wandered around the North Park District of San Diego for a portrait session. We started our shoot an hour before sunset to get some softer lighting. We moved to a beachside location right at sunset to get some warmth in our images.

I edited this session with our Bright Pack & Film Pack and our Retouching Actions. You can view all our products used on this shoot within our SHOP

Edited with our Bright Pack/Film Pack/Retouching Actions:

Kelsey // Laguna Beach // Editorial Bundle

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Kelsey and I photographed an hour before sunset which is my usually time to photograph outdoor locations. 

We photographed against a white wall, Stairs and along the beach. We found a neat Lifeguard tower and caught some gorgeous sunset tones. I used our Editorial Pack & Teal And Orange Pack to edit these images. You can view our products used to edit this shoot within our SHOP

Edited with our Teal & Orange & Editorial Packs:



Alanna // Laguna Beach // Editorial Pack

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Alanna and I met up in Laguna Beach at one of my favorite locations. We shot an hour before sunset and I used my Nikkor 35mm 1.4 lens. I shot this session slightly underexposed to maintain sharpness and to achieve an almost gritty look when I bump up the exposure and apply my presets.

I edited this session with our Editorial Pack. Before apply the presets I adjusted my white balance and exposure. Then I applied the presets. Our Editorial Pack is my most used Presets/ACRs for editing my Instagram posts. They are reminiscent of analog film and have squashed highlights, mild film grain, and a boost in vibrancy. They are great for portraiture, weddings, engagements, editorial, and street photography. You can view this pack with before and afters within our SHOP

Edited with our Editorial Pack:

Lauren // White Walls & Flowers // Editorial Pack

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I have always loved the look of minimalistic backgrounds when shoot portrait photography. It brings so much attention to your subject. I met up with Lauren in Laguna Beach at location with white walls and concrete stairs.

I used our Editorial Pack to edit this session. I personally prefer editing in Camera Raw in Photoshop because I shoot in raw and use my retouching actions in photoshop to reduce minor skin imperfections. But you will get the same result in Lightroom with the Editorial Pack Presets. You can view this pack within our SHOP

Edited with our Editorial Pack:

Britney // San Clemente // Neon Pack

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I am always trying to incorporate color as much as possible in my shoots. I met up with Britney in San Clemente at 7:00 pm. We shot in front of a red & blue neon sing. I used a prism to create different in camera effects to these portraits.

Anytime I shoot at night with neon signs and fairy lights I always want my model wearing glasses. This gives your images  another element and something to reflect the beautiful lighting. I used my 50mm Nikkor 1.4 lens for this shoot.

Once I imported the images into Lightroom, I choose the images I am going to edit, and apply my presets. I created the Neon Pack to help achieve pink and light blue tones in neon lit portraits. I didn’t much like the red and dark blue starting point of this image. I think that light pink is more inviting and flattering.

You can view our Neon Pack writhing our SHOP

Edited with our Neon Pack:

Lauren // Laguna Beach // Editorial Pack

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As a photographer/editor/designer my looks for photographing/editing are always changing. I made our Instagram Pack because I recently made new presets which have been my go to for all my recent shoots. I wanted to make these available to all our customers. This pack has 10 Presets & 10 ACRs as well as a tool kit to help make minor adjustments.

These are best used on outdoor photo shoots or indoor flash photography. Our Editorial Pack is reminiscent of film with a mild film grain which can be easily removed/reduced.

I met up with Lauren in Laguna Beach at my favorite little vintage diner. I used my 35mm Nikon 1.4 lens and my Nikon SB-500 Speed Light to achieve the best lighting. I pointed my flash directly up to bounce the flash off the ceiling and achieve a softer look.

I then applied our Editorial Pack ACRs to my favorite images. You can view this pack in our SHOP

Edited with our Editorial Pack:

Jolie & Lukela // Laguna Beach // Teal & Orange & Editorial Pack

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When exploring around Laguna I came across a beautiful litter vintage diner. I absolutely loved the vintage vibes and wanted to do a shoot there. I met up with Jolie and Lukela an hour before sunset at the Diner. I used my favorite Portrait Lenses and my D810 on this shoot. 

I used our Lightroom Brushes to get rid of any blemishes and brighten their skin tones. I then applied our Teal & Orange Pack Presets and our Editorial Pack Presets to this shoot. I used different Presets for the different locations. You can view all the products used to achieve this look on our SHOP

Edited with our Teal & Orange Pack & Editorial Pack:

Jolie // Dana Point // Teal & Orange Pack

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I met up with Jolie in Dana Point California at Dohney State Park. We started our shoot an hour before sunset to achieve some gold tones in our images. I used my Nikon D810 and my Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens on this shoot. I always shoot slightly underexposed to get a little of a moody base and maintain as much sharpness as possible.

Once I chose my favorites I brought them into Photoshop and used my retouching actions to achieve a smooth base and get rid of any minor blemishes/imperfections. From that point I applied my Teal & Orange Presets/ACRs to my image. 

The Teal & Orange Pack has 10 ACRs & 10 Lightroom Presets. These will help you achieve warm skin tones and a teal almost cinematic look to your images. This was the perfect pack to compliment the colors in this shoot. You can view our Teal & Orange pack on our SHOP

Edited with our Teal & Orange Pack:

LXM Cinematic Presets // Actions // ACRs

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I just launched a new product on our shop for cinematic photo editing. Our LXM Cinematic pack has deep rich hues and toning. Deep contrast, rich blacks, enhanced luminance and sharpening. This pack is perfect for street photography, night photography and portraits.

You can view this pack within our SHOP

Edited with our LXM Cinematic Pack:

Modern Food // Lightroom & Photoshop

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I recently created a new Pack for Lightroom & Photoshop for Food Photographers & Bloggers. Our Modern Food Pack will help you edit your food photography images with ease and style. This pack has deep desaturated hues, vibrancy, punchy blacks and crushed highlights. With added clarity this pack brings out amazing tones and draws attention to your food photography.

You can view this pack with in our SHOP

Edited with our Modern Food Pack:

Best Presets For Bloggers

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Our Blogger Pack was designed specifically for Bloggers. This pack has a wide range of editing tools. Wether you are shooting images of yourself for your fashion blog, food, travel, flatlay or stylized images this pack has everything you need. You can view this pack within our SHOP

Edited with our Blogger Bundle:


Warm Film Pack & Wedding Photography

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I got my start in professional photography by shooting weddings/engagements/families. I mainly shoot portraiture/editorial/fashion now. I prefer to shoot portraiture because I have more control over the shoot and the editing process. 

From time to time we still take on a wedding/engagement shoot, and I also process and edit for other wedding photographers. My favorite pack to edit weddings/engagements for couples/photographers who are going for a moody film look is our Warm Film Pack. This pack is also available in our Bundle Pack for Moody Weddings. You can view both Packs with our SHOP

Edited with our Warm Film Pack:

Upcoming Travel Plans And Future Plans

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After traveling across the West Coast we have had a lot of time to reflect of where it is we are wanting to have a permanent home. We have dabbled with the thought of Oregon, California, and Seattle.

After spending lots of time and taking all the factors into consideration we have decided where we are wanting our permanent home to be. We have decided to head back to Idaho. We aren’t going back to Northern Idaho we are going to be heading to Central/Southern Idaho.

When making this decision we considered the following:

  • Cost of Living
  • Property Taxes
  • Cost of Land
  • Recreation
  • Photography Market
  • Closeness to Family
  • Weather

After weighing everything that mattered to us out we decided Idaho would be our best location. We are going to be located about an hour and a half outside of Boise Idaho. We both love the outdoors and would like to live a lifestyle of recreation and be able to have our own land away from the city.

We both love the city life, but it’s just not for us. We aren’t the biggest fans of the cold but with the cost of living being so low and the fact that we are going to be going tiny house status we will be able to travel for 2-4 months out of the year when photograph slows down for us. We will be traveling from November to February of each year to warmer areas of the US.

We are excited for our upcoming plans and that we were able to agree on a location. We are in California until mid March then we will be heading to look for our future home

How Many Instagram Accounts Do Photographers Have?

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As a photographer myself I can say I have 2 accounts but am thinking of starting a third. I’m sure that sounds like a lot to some people. Some days I have a hard tome consistently posting to one account.

So why have more than one account? I guess it’s just a personal choice. I like separating my professional portraiture from my personal images. I have an account for Lou & Marks and I only post images from my current portraiture shoots. My other account is my Personal account and I post images from my DSLR from our travels and images taken on my cell phone. This account is mainly for friends and family and people who don’t mind seeing my cell phone photos and images of our dogs over and over.

For me it’s important to separate “work” from “personal”. It all depends on you and what you prefer. Also the third account I haven’t started yet is going to be for my Pottery and Paintings. I just haven’t had time to start the account yet.

Don’t forget to follow us @louandmarks and if you don't mind landscape images and images of our dogs follow @sara.lou