Black & White Or Color?

As a photographer I absolutely love black & white images. I took a film photography class in which we only used black and white film. In a black & white image I focus more on the main subject of the image. In color my eyes go everywhere, from the subject to the background to the colors.

For Weddings the majority of our clients have not wanted very many of their images in black & white. In our initial meeting I always ask them what editing styles they like, and if they prefer color or black & white.

To ensure our clients get exactly what they want, I deliver their final digital images all in color, and do an additional folder of images I call creatively edited. I go through and make some matte, some black & white, and a variation of all my creative presets.

Our wedding clients have loved this. They get their chosen images in the original color as well as a creatively edited version. Many of our clients who at first said they did not want black & white images in their albums decided to use some after seeing their images in black & white.