Everyday Brightening Natural Light Editing Presets

Brighten and lighten your photos while enhancing the colors and add a pop of sunny warmth
Everyday Bright Lightroom Mobile Presets for a consistent Instagram feed. Create beautiful blog images or social media images one click. Perfect to easily enhance everyday photos! Change your images with one click right on your phone. Download the Free Lightroom App and watch the magic of our presets change your images!



Warm + Rich Mobile Blogger Presets

Barcelona Mobile Blogger Presets have a warm look, rich skin tones, and pops of red in a lifestyle blogger vibe.

Barcelona presets have rich textures. Let the warm soft tones turn your images into a bloggers dream. Our Barcelona Pack will look great on any photoshoot or editorial and travel photography.


Summer Editing Mobile Presets

Barbados Lightroom Presets for the Mobile Lightroom App are amazing for summery vibe images. This Preset Pack will brighten yellows & orange hues and shift them to the warmer side creating rich tan skin tones and smoothes skin texture. These presets are one click magic at adding that summer vibe to your images.

Barbados works with outdoor images in bright light or low light. They are easily adjusted if needed but in most situations do not need adjusting. Enhance all your phone images this summer with our easy to use and install editing presets.


Bali Babe Travel Blogger Editing

Create deep rich moody vibes in all your images in one click with our editing presets. Bali Babe Mobile presets are amazing and so versatile for all bloggers.

Bali Babe Travel Blogger presets are dark & moody with rich warm tones and deep undertones. This pack can work for so much for that just photo travel blogging. This pack can be used on editorial styled images and even flat lay, anything you want to give a rich moody vibe to.


Art & Soul

Our Art & Soul Preset are bright and vibrant with soft neutral undertones. Our presets provide an amazing base for creating a beautiful, cohesive aesthetic in your images. Every photo has different lighting & composed differently these presets will vary depending on the photo.

Don’t worry! With little adjusting goes a long way. With your download you will receive a PDF that goes over the complete install and provides links to my YouTube videos to walk you through adjusting your presets.


Vibrant Film Blogger Mobile Presets

Vibrant Film Mobile Blogger Presets have a dreamy look, creamy skin tones, and pops of color in an old-school film vibe.

Vibrant Film tones and rich textures. Let the vibrant colorful tones turn your images into a photography dream. Our Vibrant Film Pack will look great on any photoshoot or editorial and travel photography.


Warm Indoor Mobile Presets

We have the best indoor warm and clean Lightroom Mobile Preset for interiors and home bloggers. Espresso Indoor Presets are perfect for the Mom Blogger who does most of her posting and photos in home.

Espresso brightens whites, softens contrast, warms up the lighting without making the image orange and softens skin. These presets will create beautiful indoor warmth with a clean minimal look. You can shop our Espresso Indoor Warm Mobile Blogger Presets HERE

Processed with our Espresso Mobile Presets:

Beach Lightroom Mobile Presets

If you are looking for the right presets for your summer adventures we have just released out 2019 Summer Preset collection!! We have the perfect Summer Beach Presets to enhance your skin tone and brighten and warm your images.

We just released our Summer Selfie and Hawaii Mobile Presets this week and we have had such an amazing response from our customers. These Presets brighten and soften the sand at the beach and add vibrancy to blue skies and water.

They also enhance your tan and smooth your skin for the perfect Summer Beach Selfie!! You can show our Hawaii HERE and our Summer Selfie HERE

Edited with our Summer Selfie:

Natural Light Mobile Lightroom Presets

We have a variety of Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets that will produce amazing results in natural light and give a natural look. My most popular natural light presets are my soft & bright vibrant presets.

For Lightroom Mobile We Offer Hawaii, Vibrant, Summer Selfie, and Natural Light. These presets are very easy to use and apply in Lightroom Mobile. They create soft vibrant tones with bright and warm undertones.

Dani Austin Inspired Mobile Blogger Presets

I created a preset that is super similar to the editing style of Dani Austin on Instagram. It’s super bright and warm with brightened shadows and soft highlights.

These presets add so much brightness, soften skin, vibrancy, and clarity just like what you see in a lot of your favorite bloggers Instagram feeds! These presets are used on the Free  Lightroom CC App. You DO NOT need to have a subscription. They are fully compatible with the Free Version.These are perfect for iPhone & Android users.

You can view the full product description HERE

Edited with our Mobile Blogger Presets:

Mikutas Instagram Filter

I am beyond excited to be able to offer our Mikutas Inspired Mobile Presets. These presets are for Blogger and Instagrammer looking to get that dark, gritty, moody, city vibe of Jacqueline Mikutas @mikutas vibe to their images.

Our Black & Bronze Pack was designed to give you the look of @mikutas images to your own images. This pack comes with 4 Mobile Blogger Presets to allow you to use the presets in all lighting conditions. These are best suited for cities, beach, and well it images but can be used on lifestyle and flat lay too.

This pack will saturate and smooth skin, desaturate blue, and give your images a gritty dark vibe. You can view the full product in our SHOP

Edited with our Black & Bronze Mobile Blogger Preset:

Wonderland Instagram Blogger Filters

Wonderland Instagram Filters are my best selling Preset for Lightroom Mobile. They are used by so many Instagram Influencers and bloggers. These presets were designed after the look of @tezza and @jacimariesmith they are insanely bright & warm.

I use them on just about everything. They look amazing indoor and outdoor and on bright images or low light images. This pack comes with 4 Presets to cover all lighting situations. You can view the full product description in our SHOP

Wonderland Mobile Instagram Filters:

The Best Mobile Lightroom CC Presets

Lightroom Mobile is literally my all time favorite App! I love having so much control over my editing. You can literally tweak everything about your images. I love being able to smooth and soften skin while sharpening my overall images.

Lightroom Mobile is a Free App from the App Store by Adobe. The App comes with a few free presets and there are so many options to buy Add-On Presets. We sell Lightroom Mobile Presets for Bloggers & Instagrammers to enhance their feed .

You can download the Free Lightroom App HERE You can view our Add On Presets HERE

Here are some helpful Tutorials to get you started in Lightroom CC:

How To Transform Your Instagram Feed

I get DMs and emails all the time about transforming Instagram Feeds, and how to create a cohesive look on your Instagram. Filters & Presets are an absolute game changer for Instagram Feeds.

With Presets you can completely change the look of your images and create a cohesive look to your feed. You can apply them in one click or fine tune them to your specifics.

You can view all our Mobile Presets for Instagrammers & Blogger HERE

Here are some before and after examples of Instagram Feed Before & Afters

Instagram Blogger Presets & Filters

I have taken so much time creating the best presets available for the Mobile Lightroom App. Our Presets were made specifically for Instagram. Our Preset will help you create a cohesive look to your feed. Have a theme and a cohesive look is important to build up your following.

The best presets for Instagram are bright & warm presets that brighten and enhance your images. Our Wonderland Preset are used by so many blogger, influencers and instagrammers. They are so bright and warm. They brighten up the shadows to the max and add a soft warmth to images.

Instagram Presets are easy to install and use and in most cases are one click magic! You can view our Best Selling Instagram Presets HERE

Edited with our Best selling Instagram Filters:

How To Edit Like An Influencer

The best way to get your Instagram noticed is to have a cohesive look to your images. Influencers use Presets to edit their images to give them a cohesive look. The most popular look is bright & warm as our eyes natural go brighter/warmer more inviting images.

Getting your Instagram looking better you will need to make sure you are photographing in good lighting. The best lighting is in direct light for the whole image or indirect light for the full image. The next step is to edit with a set of presets. Our most used presets for influencers and bloggers is our Wonderland Pack

These Presets are similar to Tezza & Jaci Marie editing styles. Focused on bright warmth and softening skin. You can view the full product within our SHOP and view images edited with the presets below:

The Most Popular Instagram Presets

I have been a Photographer/Blogger/Preset creator for over 6 years. I am always searching for the latest trends in editing and for Instagram Themes. Presets are the best way to keep you Instagram Cohesive and looking like an actual theme.

The Best Presets for your Instagram Theme depending on a few things. You first need to decide if you like Bright Images or Moody Images. Do you like your images look dramatic or soft?

For Gritty & Moody

For Bright & Airy

For Dramatic & Warm

Presets are easy to use and install and create a cohesive look to your images especially when taken in different places with different lighting.

Here are some examples of Feeds with our Mobile Presets:

The Best Instagram Story Dimensions 2019

I have been working on creating some templates for Instagram Stories for myself and once they are ready to go I am going to offer them for free on our Shop.

The Best Instagram Story Dimension are 1080 x 1920 pixels. The minimum resolution for Stories ads is 600 x 1067 Pixels. Your stories can be in JPG or PNG Format. The higher the resolution the better for clarity of your images.

I create my images at 150 DPI but you can create them anywhere form 75-300 dpi. I will link my new Instagram story templates as soon as they are up and ready!

Winter Blues Mobile Lightroom Presets

Winter Blues Mobile Lightroom Presets are now availble on the Shop!! These presets are cool and clean with a soft brightness perfect for enhancing overcast images.

Winter Blues comes with 4 Mobile Lightroom Presets for the Free Lightroom App on an iPhone or Android Phone. These presets will cool and brighten while enhancing the blue tones in your images. Perfect for low light or brightly lit images. Suitable for indoor or outdoor images. You can view the full product HERE

Edited With Our Winter Blues Mobile Presets:

@Lettersofstyle Inspired Mobile Lightroom Presets

I created our White Sands Mobile Presets to look like the editing of @lettersofstyle on Instagram. This pack is the brightest presets we can create. These presets are insanely bright with soft highlights and subtle warmth.

White Sands included 4 Mobile Lightroom Presets for the Free Lightroom Mobile App on an iPhone or Android Phone. The Presets will give your image an almost HDR look with the level of brightness. They soften skin tones and add a soft color tone to the overall image. You can view the full product HERE

Edited With Our White Sands Mobile Presets: