Designing Clients Wedding Albums

We have had the pleasure of shooting weddings together for the past 4 years. During that time we have had the chance to try out our fair share of vendors for our clients wedding albums.

Depending on wether you are designing your own spreads or are going to use the automated layouts will determine which site is best for you.

Best site for using automated layouts: Kiss

There are different membership options, but even the free membership allows you to choose between many designs and is very user friendly. They offer modern cover options and custom engravings.

You can sign up for a membership with them HERE

And view an example of one of our Wedding Albums made with Kiss HERE

Best site for designing your own spreads: White House CC

White House offers so much customization within your album and with cover options. They offer premium lustre paper as an option as well. 

You can choose to have a custom combo cover with leather binding and a photo or a more simple all leather/fabric cover.

You can apply for your free membership with WHCC HERE

They offer every product you could need for your clients, not just albums.

No matter how you decide to design/order your albums there are a lot of great options out there. I am planning on testing out Artifact Uprising next and will give a review of how our album turned out.