Sara LouComment

We are officially now off on our year long road trip. We are in Bainbridge, WA close to Seattle. We have been on our trip for five days and loving every moment. Our three animals are doing great as well. We were pretty unsure of how they would take not having a consistent home, but so far so good. They have morning and evening walks through the forrest, and they couldn't be happier.

We have been photographing and adventuring all day M-F. After our adventures we upload and process our photos for our social media as well as for our stock photography. On the weekends we work on our websites, our products, and more editing. We put in even more work than when we were in Moscow. I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone but we love adventure and want to travel the US together at time when it's possible for us.

Images from our past 5 days on our adventure with our pups: