I have always had a love for film photography. Film photography can get pretty expensive, especially for medium format and our Polaroid Land Camera. I love recreating the same look I get with my vintage cameras in Lightroom & Photoshop.

Our Vintage Film Presets & ACRs create an amazing vintage film like edit with one click. These are easily adjustable and suitable for most situations. You can view the entire product within our SHOP

Vintage Film Texture // Dust & Scratches

After seeing so many beautiful posts on Instagram with a Vintage Film look I decided to create a similar look for use in Photoshop. I'm sure there is an app everyone is using on their phone to create this look but our Overlays will help you create this look in High Resolution.

These 45 Film Texture Overlays have film grain, dust, speckles, scratches, folds, and various other vintage film like textures. You can view the full product description with our SHOP

Images Processed with our Vintage Film Texture Overlays: