How To Edit Like An Influencer

The best way to get your Instagram noticed is to have a cohesive look to your images. Influencers use Presets to edit their images to give them a cohesive look. The most popular look is bright & warm as our eyes natural go brighter/warmer more inviting images.

Getting your Instagram looking better you will need to make sure you are photographing in good lighting. The best lighting is in direct light for the whole image or indirect light for the full image. The next step is to edit with a set of presets. Our most used presets for influencers and bloggers is our Wonderland Pack

These Presets are similar to Tezza & Jaci Marie editing styles. Focused on bright warmth and softening skin. You can view the full product within our SHOP and view images edited with the presets below:

The Most Popular Instagram Presets

I have been a Photographer/Blogger/Preset creator for over 6 years. I am always searching for the latest trends in editing and for Instagram Themes. Presets are the best way to keep you Instagram Cohesive and looking like an actual theme.

The Best Presets for your Instagram Theme depending on a few things. You first need to decide if you like Bright Images or Moody Images. Do you like your images look dramatic or soft?

For Gritty & Moody

For Bright & Airy

For Dramatic & Warm

Presets are easy to use and install and create a cohesive look to your images especially when taken in different places with different lighting.

Here are some examples of Feeds with our Mobile Presets: