How Many Instagram Accounts Do Photographers Have?

As a photographer myself I can say I have 2 accounts but am thinking of starting a third. I’m sure that sounds like a lot to some people. Some days I have a hard tome consistently posting to one account.

So why have more than one account? I guess it’s just a personal choice. I like separating my professional portraiture from my personal images. I have an account for Lou & Marks and I only post images from my current portraiture shoots. My other account is my Personal account and I post images from my DSLR from our travels and images taken on my cell phone. This account is mainly for friends and family and people who don’t mind seeing my cell phone photos and images of our dogs over and over.

For me it’s important to separate “work” from “personal”. It all depends on you and what you prefer. Also the third account I haven’t started yet is going to be for my Pottery and Paintings. I just haven’t had time to start the account yet.

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