Upcoming Travel Plans And Future Plans

After traveling across the West Coast we have had a lot of time to reflect of where it is we are wanting to have a permanent home. We have dabbled with the thought of Oregon, California, and Seattle.

After spending lots of time and taking all the factors into consideration we have decided where we are wanting our permanent home to be. We have decided to head back to Idaho. We aren’t going back to Northern Idaho we are going to be heading to Central/Southern Idaho.

When making this decision we considered the following:

  • Cost of Living
  • Property Taxes
  • Cost of Land
  • Recreation
  • Photography Market
  • Closeness to Family
  • Weather

After weighing everything that mattered to us out we decided Idaho would be our best location. We are going to be located about an hour and a half outside of Boise Idaho. We both love the outdoors and would like to live a lifestyle of recreation and be able to have our own land away from the city.

We both love the city life, but it’s just not for us. We aren’t the biggest fans of the cold but with the cost of living being so low and the fact that we are going to be going tiny house status we will be able to travel for 2-4 months out of the year when photograph slows down for us. We will be traveling from November to February of each year to warmer areas of the US.

We are excited for our upcoming plans and that we were able to agree on a location. We are in California until mid March then we will be heading to look for our future home