Editing Process // Lightroom Or Photoshop?

I get a lot of questions about the pros and con of Lightroom vs. Photoshop and what I use more. I use both for my editing process.

To break down my editing process for a portrait shoot: I start importing my raw files into Lightroom. Once in Lightroom I go through the images and flag my favorites from each pose that I will be editing. I then filter to only see my flagged images. This is the fastest process I have found to organize and decide which images to edit.

Lightroom or Photoshop Blog?.jpg

I then export the images as DNGs to maintain their raw information. Once exported I open them in Photoshop Camera Raw. I adjust my exposure and white balance if needed. I them use my Retouching Actions to smooth skin texture, highlight, and balance skin tone. Next I head back into Camera Raw and apply my ACR.

I then save a full resolution file and export for web. This process has worked wonders for me to maintain consistency and speed up my workflow.

You can definitely use one or the other but I have found using both is the best option.