How To Maintain Consistency When Editing

Maintain consistency when editing your work is important. It’s important to have a consistent look to your work within a shoot and for your social media. You create a look people start to recognize from you. Making sure images within a shoot have the same tone and look is important for you clients too.

So how to maintain consistency when you shoot in different locations with different lighting and colors? It can be hard to achieve and can take a little work. At some point you will need to decide what editing style you like. Do you like the Bright & Airy look? Do you like the Moody Film Look? Do you like Vibrant Colorful images? Do you like the Bright Film look? 

Maintain Consistency in Photoshop.jpg

Once you find your style you can maintained that look by editing with the same method. Also a lot of the outcome starts in camera. If you like the Bright & Airy look you will want to properly exposure if not slightly over exposure. You will also want to shoot against bright  backgrounds. If you like the Moody Film look you will want to shoot at sunset or sunrise and slightly underexpose your images. Getting a great base helps maintain consistency. 

To sum it up maintaining consistency starts with deciding what you style you like. Planning out your locations and times accordingly. Then make sure you are setting your self up for success by achieving your style in Camera to get a great base. In editing make sure you edit with the same style.