How I edit Product Photography in Lightroom

I worked as a photographer and retoucher for a PNW Based Farm Girl Magazine. It was there I learned the art of product photography. Product photography can be very difficult depending on your space and your lighting equipment and conditions. Some of the most helpful tips I gathered are:

Try to use as much natural light as possible. Unless you have an assistant to hold a reflector and help you bounce light you are going to cause more shadows trying to use a flash. Use natural light from windows which is much softer.

Use a white card. Setting your white balance for the space you are shooting in is very important. This can save you so much time in the editing process. You can find good quality white cards for under $50.00 on amazon.

Always shoot in manual. If you do not know how to manually set your camera setting I would highly suggest watching some tutorials on how to use your camera. Cameras have great auto settings, but never as good as setting them yourself.

Lastly having a consistent editing workflow is very imperative to maintaining consistency within your product photography. I have created my own workflow for Lightroom to help me save time and keep my results consistent. You can view my Product Photography Lightroom Presets HERE

Processed with our Product Photography Lightroom Presets: