How I Edit Real Estate Photos in Lightroom

Sara LouComment

Real Estate Photography is a big deal. It can make or break a buyers decision on buying a home. We have been hired by many realtors by the company we work for InHouse3D for real estate photography.

First shooting with a wide angle lens is a must to showcase the space is the best possible way. Secondly, shooting in raw and setting your settings manually for each room is a must. A white card to set your white balance for each rooms lighting situations helps save time in processing as well.

We have created some time saving presets for Lightroom to help us correct issues with our real estate photography editing. These Lightroom presets help give your images a color corrected, enhanced HDR look. They can be used for indoor and outdoor. Within the pack I have segregated indoor and outdoor presets based on the different issues you can run into in each situation.

These are available on our SHOP

Processed with our Real Estate Lightroom Presets: