Elk Creek Falls, ID Fine Art Presets Edit

Below are some photos of one our recent trips to Elk Creek Falls, ID. Processed with our Fine Art Indie Presets Available on our SHOP

Fine Art Lightroom Presets & Bald Mountain

Fredo and I recently took a day trip up to a beautiful spot here in Idaho. He had previously backpacked up there and knew the area. We headed up to Bald Mountain Lookout with our DSLR in hand.

The view of the valley and the vast tree covered hills was just so beautiful at sunset. While hiking back up the trails we had something following us. A small maybe 2 year old black bear was trailing us. We always have our Bear Mace in hand, but only use it if we have to. I snapped a quick couple of photos and let him on his way as we went on ours. We knew mother could be close and we try not to disturb wildlife too much.

We had an amazing hike, beautiful views, and an encounter with wildlife. If you have the chance to head up to Bald Mountain Lookout it's definitely worth the hike (18 miles total). 

Once we got home I processed the images from our day with our Fine Art Indie Pack of Presets available on our SHOP