Elk Creek Falls, ID Fine Art Presets Edit

Below are some photos of one our recent trips to Elk Creek Falls, ID. Processed with our Fine Art Indie Presets Available on our SHOP

Drone Photography Edited with our Adventure Lightroom Presets

We had a blast taking our new tandem kayak out for our second run. We headed with our Drone in hand. We just upgraded from the Mavic to the Phantom 4 Pro for image quality.

The clarity was much better at higher distances and we are very happy with the raw output.  Here are a handful of images from our day edited with our Adventure/Lifestyle Pack for Lightroom you can find here on our SHOP

Processed with our Adventure/Lifestyle Pack:

A Day in Moscow + Nikon + Moody Presets

June 16, 2017 A day in Moscow ID in Photos.

All Editing with our new Adventure/ Lifestyle Pack Presets available on our SHOP: