Retouching Skin In Photoshop

I lightly retouch all my portrait images. I lighting smooth skin, brighten and color correct. This helps give portraits a professionally finish. After adjusting my white balance and exposure of an image I then use our Retouching Photoshop Actions.

I usually run the Airbrush Skin Actions, then reduce the opacity to around 15%. The majority of the time that’s all my portraits need to have a beautiful finish. You can view our Retouching Actions within our SHOP

Photoshop Retouching Actions:

How Remove Distracting Objects In Photoshop

Sometimes no matter how hard you try in camera to achieve the perfect image their some things you can control. Maybe it’s a car in the background, maybe your model had a hair tie around their wrist. The hair tie!!! There are ways in Photoshop to easily remove those objects.

You can use the clone stamp and content aware to help you. I usually use a combination of the two to get the most natural results.

You can view this quick video here on how to use these tools in Photoshop to remove distracting objects:

How To Use Photoshop Overlays To Create Unique Images

To me a raw images is like a white canvas with a preliminary sketch on it. You have so many options of what you can do with your image. I’ve always loved editing images and giving them a unique feel.

I created some photoshop Overlays that include sparkles, sparklers, borek and most recently leafs. The leafs are probably my favorite. I use them on a lot of my fall photo shoots. I also utilize the bokeh overlays for night shoots.

Overlays are very easy to download and apply to your images. They look very natural and can be used on a variety of indoor/outdoor images.

You can view all our Overlays within our SHOP

Using our Photoshop Overlays:

Landscape Photography Editing Dark & Moody Pack

I have always been drawn to Dark & Moody Landscape images. I love a vibrant sunset or sunrise but being from the PNW and living there for the majority of my life I will always love the Moody Look. I created a Pack for Lightroom & Photoshop to emulate dark moody PNW Days.

You can view our Dark & Moody Pack within our SHOP

Before and Afters with our Dark & Moody Pack: