Wonderland Instagram Blogger Filters

Wonderland Instagram Filters are my best selling Preset for Lightroom Mobile. They are used by so many Instagram Influencers and bloggers. These presets were designed after the look of @tezza and @jacimariesmith they are insanely bright & warm.

I use them on just about everything. They look amazing indoor and outdoor and on bright images or low light images. This pack comes with 4 Presets to cover all lighting situations. You can view the full product description in our SHOP

Wonderland Mobile Instagram Filters:


I'm so happy with our most recent Mobile Preset. Inspired by Blogger Mimi Albero's editing style I created our Art & Soul Mobile Lightroom Presets. Art & Soul is vibrant, bright, and has soft faded shadows.

Our Art & Soul Pack focuses on saturated skin tones, luminous greens, and bright backgrounds. This pack is best used on well lit beachy inspired images but will work on both indoor and outdoor images.

You can view the full product description and before & afters in our SHOP

Edited with our Art & Soul Mobile Presets:

Landscape Photography Editing Dark & Moody Pack

I have always been drawn to Dark & Moody Landscape images. I love a vibrant sunset or sunrise but being from the PNW and living there for the majority of my life I will always love the Moody Look. I created a Pack for Lightroom & Photoshop to emulate dark moody PNW Days.

You can view our Dark & Moody Pack within our SHOP

Before and Afters with our Dark & Moody Pack: