Bali Babe Travel Blogger Editing

Create deep rich moody vibes in all your images in one click with our editing presets. Bali Babe Mobile presets are amazing and so versatile for all bloggers.

Bali Babe Travel Blogger presets are dark & moody with rich warm tones and deep undertones. This pack can work for so much for that just photo travel blogging. This pack can be used on editorial styled images and even flat lay, anything you want to give a rich moody vibe to.


Wonderland Instagram Blogger Filters

Wonderland Instagram Filters are my best selling Preset for Lightroom Mobile. They are used by so many Instagram Influencers and bloggers. These presets were designed after the look of @tezza and @jacimariesmith they are insanely bright & warm.

I use them on just about everything. They look amazing indoor and outdoor and on bright images or low light images. This pack comes with 4 Presets to cover all lighting situations. You can view the full product description in our SHOP

Wonderland Mobile Instagram Filters:

Landscape Photography Editing Dark & Moody Pack

I have always been drawn to Dark & Moody Landscape images. I love a vibrant sunset or sunrise but being from the PNW and living there for the majority of my life I will always love the Moody Look. I created a Pack for Lightroom & Photoshop to emulate dark moody PNW Days.

You can view our Dark & Moody Pack within our SHOP

Before and Afters with our Dark & Moody Pack:

Lightroom Portrait Retouching

Did you know you can fully retouch portraits in Lightroom?? Lightroom has some amazing tools to help you retouch your portraits. Lightroom Brushes can smooth, brighten, adjust skin tones, sharpen, darken, saturate, soften and so much more.

We have 40 amazing Lightroom Retouching Brushes available within our SHOP

Lightroom Portrait Retouching:

Photoshop Actions Portrait Editing

We offer a wide range of Photoshop and Lightroom Retouching Presets and Actions. They offer a soft subtle retouching effect to your images. You can change the opacity of the actions to make them even softer or play the action again for a more dramatic edit.

These are a staple for Portrait/Wedding Photographer workflow. Not all clients will want their portraits enhanced but you will get a handful of clients that want minor editing done to their skin. Our products offer just that. They won't make your clients look like different people but will take care of the minor skin issues your clients might have.

Here are some Before/Afters with our Products. You can view our products on our SHOP