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Wonderland Instagram Blogger Filters

Sara LouComment

Wonderland Instagram Filters are my best selling Preset for Lightroom Mobile. They are used by so many Instagram Influencers and bloggers. These presets were designed after the look of @tezza and @jacimariesmith they are insanely bright & warm.

I use them on just about everything. They look amazing indoor and outdoor and on bright images or low light images. This pack comes with 4 Presets to cover all lighting situations. You can view the full product description in our SHOP

Wonderland Mobile Instagram Filters:

Instagram Blogger Presets & Filters

Sara LouComment

I have taken so much time creating the best presets available for the Mobile Lightroom App. Our Presets were made specifically for Instagram. Our Preset will help you create a cohesive look to your feed. Have a theme and a cohesive look is important to build up your following.

The best presets for Instagram are bright & warm presets that brighten and enhance your images. Our Wonderland Preset are used by so many blogger, influencers and instagrammers. They are so bright and warm. They brighten up the shadows to the max and add a soft warmth to images.

Instagram Presets are easy to install and use and in most cases are one click magic! You can view our Best Selling Instagram Presets HERE

Edited with our Best selling Instagram Filters: